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Understanding My Face


Faith of Place

poems, essays, and photographs

Coming Out Sane

performance memoir

A chapbook of poetry based on a 60-day field research trip through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, attending ceremony and celebrations, culture camps and kitchen tables. It inquires after the question: Who would I know if I’d always known I was Cree? Field research funded by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council of BC.

A series of essays on the discovery in adulthood that I was not passing as white, except with myself—and that understanding my Indigenous identity was the key to unlocking the mysteries of a hostile world. A version of the first essay, “Where the Sky Lies” (6,801 words), which explores the medicine of the Cree naming practice, is looking for a publisher.

Based on three months field research in Transylvania in 2017. Faith of Place inquires after the question: What is it like to be a Unitarian in Eastern Europe in the 21st Century? It finds a link between the autochthonous nation of the Székely people and their Indigenous counterparts in North America. A first draft of the manuscript is currently in editing.

A verbatim-theatre production addressing post-traumatic stress disorder and truth telling. The production incorporates verbatim performance, audio playback, video, movement, and text effects. Additional components are a chapbook and interactive exhibit. Transcript editor: Chelsea Comeau. Dramaturge: Deborah Williams.