Michelle Poirier Brown

Michelle Poirier Brown

poet + performer + photographer


Intimacies is a book of 14 poems and 7 photographs. The poems span decades and speak to private experiences, thoughts unshared even with those about whom the poem may have been written. The photographs date from a period of years of near seclusion during a recovery from severe depression and are a study in the perfection of household things graced by light. The hinge between the poems and the photographs is the poem “Small Graces,” a list poem of “the things that save me.” Quality bathroom hardware. Soft boiled eggs. A desk by a window. The design was done by Patrice Snopkowski of OutWest Design.

The launch for Intimacies was held in Saskatoon on Oct 7, 2022. Only 75 copies of this chapbook were printed.


                                                      –Jack Pine Press, Publisher

Photo by Emma Kvetna