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Listening Party Podcast for The Length of a Day song cycle, Episode 17. Pacific Opera House. April 2021. Listen Now.

“Praise” video clip from live performance of The Length of a Day song cycle. Pacific Opera House. April 2021. Watch Now.


Various Poems. The Art Bar Poetry Series. Oct 19, 2021. Watch Now.

Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize winners online reading. Sept 20, 2021.

“Poems From The Front Porch.” Planet Earth Poetry, “Poets Caravan,” highlighting the rich cultural landscape of Southern Vancouver Island. September 2021. Watch Now.

“Sacred Loss.” The PuritanIssue 53. Spring 2021. Listen Now.

“The Weight of Snow.” Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds, online chapbook launch. Sept 24, 2020. Watch Now.

“Jet Lag.” Vallum 17.1, “Home” issue. Spring 2020. Featured in Vallum’s Poem of the Week. August 2020. Listen Now. Watch Now.

“Porch Poems.” League of Canadian Poets/SAWCI. I am what becomes of broken branch chapbook launch. May 2020. Watch Now.

“what it is like to be this extreme and appear normal.” Arc-Hive Studio. Ekphrasis: Poets Respond to Arc-Hive Studio Artists online chapbook.  April 2020. Listen Now.

Poetry Performances

“Wake.” The Flame: Transform Cabaret, Vancouver October 2019; Indigenous Studies Program Launch, First Peoples House, University of Victoria, March 2019; The Flame, Vancouver Fringe Edition, 2018; Belfry Theatre, Victoria, 2018. Listen Now

Prose Performances

“The Manor On Manor Road.” The Flame: Halloween Edition, Victoria, October 2020. Watch Now.

“Get Back in the Car.” The Flame, Vancouver, 2016; The Flame, Belfry Edition, Victoria, 2016. Listen Now.

“I Drive a Truck.” CBC Regina, 1982. Listen Now.


“Beneficiaries of a Genocide.” First Unitarian Church of Victoria. September 2019. Watch now.