Michelle Poirier Brown

Michelle Poirier Brown

poet + performer + photographer


“Photograph.” Applebeard Editions, Release Any Words Stuck Inside You III anthology. July 2021. Buy Now.

“Jet Lag.” Vallum 17.1, “Home” issue. Spring 2020. Featured in Vallum’s Poem of the Week. August 2020. Read Now.

“So Good.” Plentitude Magazine. Open Submissions. 2020. Read Now.

“Love Poem.” Right Hand PointingIssue 139: the sky is a black canvas. July 2020. Read Now.

“Praise.” Poetry Daily (Sept 21, 2021).

Michelle's Poetry is Also published IN

Flower Bombs: Love and Hate in the Anthropocene. (Night Forest Press, November 2023).

MBC Magazine (Issue #29, July 2023).

Literary Review of Canada. (March 2022).

Emrys Journal (Vol 38, Winter 2022).

Pocket Lint (Issue 3, Nov 2021).

untethered magazine (Issue Vol. 6.1, Fall 2021).

Fire in the Heart (Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize chapbook, Fall 2021).

The Puritan (Issue 53, Spring 2021).

The Greensboro Review (Issue 109, Spring 2021).

Van Isle Poetry Collective (Issue 2. April 2021).

Arc Poetry Magazine Issue 92. Response to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (Summer 2020; LCP Poetry Pause March 2021).

I am what becomes of broken branch: A Collection of Voices by Indigenous Poets in Canada (League of Canadian Poets).

SAWCI Chapbook Series (May 2020).

LCP Poetry Pause (July 2021).

Ekphrasis: Poets Respond to Arc-Hive Studio Artists chapbook (April 2020).

Fresh Voices: Tending the Fire. League of Canadian Poets Chapbook Series (April 2020).

Grain Magazine 47.2, Of Auburn And Blue (Winter 2020).

Open Minds Quarterly, Vol 21 Issue 3: Something Doesn’t Have to Be Complete to Be Valid. (Fall 2019).

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Grain Magazine 46.5. Indigenous Writers & Storytellers issue (Summer 2019).

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Festival of Literary Diversity program (April 2020).

PRISM international 57.1 “Dreams” issue (Fall 2018, Pushcart nomination).

Dis(s)ent, (George Elliot Clarke, Sanita Fejzić, eds., In/Words Magazine & Press, 2018).



“Dialogue as Seditious Act.” Dis(s)ent (George Elliot Clarke, Sanita Fejzić, eds.), 2018. Read now.

“The House on Strathnaver Avenue.” The Fieldstone Review, 2017. Read Now.

“Under the Covers.” The Sun, Readers Write, 1996. Read now.

“Always I Am Waking.” Recovering Words with Richard Osler, 2023. Read now.

“The Kindness of a Poem.” Recovering Words with Richard Osler, 2023. Read now.

Michelle's Prose is Also published IN

Don’t Tell: Family Secrets anthology (January 2023).

The Malahat Review (Issue #212. Fall 2020, nominated for Personal Journalism category in 2021 National Magazine Awards).

Release Any Words Stuck Inside You II (Applebeard Editions, Fall 2019).